GAVS’ zMan as a Service (automation as a service) helps you stay ahead of the curve!

Want to start transforming your operations? zMan helps you remove the pain of routine tasks, giving you happier, more productive employees who can focus more on growing your business and driving revenue.

Get rid of complex, ROI intensive, time consuming manual tasks:

zMan is GAVS’ fully-managed enterprise automation platform deployable on the cloud or on premise which accelerates your digital transformation through multi-step automation of complex IT and business processes that can distract you from company goals. We automate common and repetitive tasks / work, decrease the strain on personnel, and increase user experiences.

zMan as a Service by GAVS enables automation of very simple to extremely complex workflows, thereby allowing IT staff to focus on more complex and challenging assignments. With 125+ pre-defined plug-n-play automation workflow templates, 500+ activity components, multiple ready-made connectors to connect to a variety of ITSM, monitoring & ticketing tools, zMan can help reduce the time needed to deploy automation. All the mundane, cumbersome or simple, repetitive tasks typically being performed day-to-day by IT staff can be fully automated with an intuitive workflow design using pre-coded activities and templates. No matter whatever tools you are using in your environment, zMan can work behind the scenes with minimal to no supervision, and automate majority of non-interactive automation scenarios.

I.T Automation Services on offer:

• Enterprise IT Infrastructure Monitoring:
o Proactive monitoring of IT Assets spread across hybrid estates
o Automated enrollment of provisioned instances with defined parameters / thresholds
o Custom reports and dashboards

• Automation & Orchestration:
o Automated Service Request Fulfillment
o Automated remediation for Standard Operating Procedure driven Incident Management
o Automated patch management for approved patches / fixes
o Mass roll-out of patches / updates
o Automated Application release management
o Update of automated actions in the ITSM ticketing tool for audit and reporting purposes
o Automated enrolment of workloads in Monitoring tool, CMDB and parameters to be monitored in the monitoring tool
o Custom workflows development for automation based on incident analysis

• Application Performance Management:
o Monitoring of synthetic and non-synthetic transactions
o Custom reports and dashboards
o API based integration with other modules / tools
o Reports and dashboards

• Privilege Identity Management:
o Integration with Enterprise authentication to enable access governance
o Ensure secure access that cannot be reused for increased security

• Reporting & Dashboards:
o Multi-tenant Custom portal
o Role based access control
o Integration with existing tools through API’s
o Widgets, dashlets and portlet features to customize dashboards based on preferences

• Configuration Management & Provisioning:
o Monitor security & compliance
o Automate response to security non compliance
o Automate provisioning of IT/Helpdesk/VMs.

• HR/Back Office Process:
o Employee onboarding, termination
o Automate the candidate interview and data capture process

• Marketing & Sales:
o Automate employee evangelism efforts through social media, dramatically growing your company’s messaging reach.
o Gather potential client email addresses automatically from your company’s email portal and import into your outbound marketing engine to capitalize on valuable data.