Desktop as a Service

Are you tired of costs of managing desktops when it could be done more effectively and at less cost virtually? Take advantage of this primer and see if zDesk solution is right for your organization.

zDesk is GAVS’ Desktop as a Service (DaaS), wherein Desktops can be hosted virtually at a secured data center. zDesk focuses not only on all of the gains of streamlined management and user flexibility of Virtual Desktop Integration, but also gives you the comfort of avoiding the need to build and maintain a complex, costly data center platform to support it.

zDesk Benefits

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zDesk Proposition


Our custom offerings:

  • Hosted Virtual Desktop: The dedicated desktop is provided at the Data Centre for each user. This is for users of applications which require dedicated environment like doctors, nurses etc.
  • Hosted Shared Desktop: The desktop will be shared (Shared Desktop at Data Center) for multiple users. This is suitable for back office non-core staff like Finance, HR, and Logistics.
  • Hosted Zero Desktop: There will be no desktops in this model with only applications hosted at Data Centre. This will be ideal for front office staff, which uses corporate applications once a while, not continuously.
  • Offline computing: The data and applications are hosted centrally, with the execution in Desktops and laptops locally. This is suitable for users of higher resources intensive application like researchers, specialists, and doctors.
  • Separate centralized tool for software deployment and data backup software in desktops


Creates path for Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI): zDesk with other GAVS enablers – GAVel (predictive analytics platform) and zMan (automation platform) – will prepare the IT environment to embrace next gen SDI



Opex option - Desktop as a Service (DaaS) will be provided On-Premises for those who do not want to migrate their applications to the cloud. The businesses pay per named user or per desktop or consumption.



RoI Advisory: Metrics driven execution with a strong business case provided for year-over-year business value-financial benefit. The four corner stones of our value assessment are:

  • User productivity: Value drawn from the users’ experience of a faster and more reliable computing experience
  • Business productivity : Benefits from enhanced mobility and improved customer experience
  • IT staff productivity: By centralizing and automating desktop operations and management, IT staff resources are freed up to be invested in new business initiatives
  • IT infrastructure Cost Benefits: Capex, software cost advantaged accrued through virtualization