vNext Microsoft Services

GAVS strongly believes that Digital Transformation for customers will happen through Technology. Being a Tier-1 Direct Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we have a clear-cut philosophy of Cloud first & Mobile first in our service offerings. Our considerable skills and experience covers a wide spectrum of areas not limited to Mobility, Social, IoT, Cloud, Cognitive Computing, Devices and more. We believe that Microsoft technologies are uniquely positioned to provide an End to End Transformation for our customers.

The term vNext is typically used in Microsoft for “Next Generation”. Our primary services and solutions span across Microsoft’s product line to deliver effective business solutions that transform enterprises in the digital age include Azure Cloud Platform, SQL Server, SQL 2016, Office 365, and a lot more.

Customers can leverage our Intelligent Cloud services that handle Web, Client Server and Middleware application workload hosted in the On Premises, Cloud, or Hybrid environment. Our Business Process Productivity segment empowers you to extract maximum potential out of Microsoft’s existing and emerging technologies like Nano server etc. to provide customized business solutions. Acting as link between the above segments, our More Personal Computing segment is fully geared towards the mobile first philosophy and modernize desktops to offer the next level of User Experience to the customers.

Microsoft services

Intelligent Cloud

Intelligent Cloud, transforms your Infrastructure to drive Digital Age Applications. The more enterprises seek out insights to drive greater business outcomes, the more it provides backend Intelligence for all your new generation applications. Intelligent Cloud is all about getting greater insight that leads to more favorable business outcomes while addressing complexity with intelligent architecture.

GAVS offers data services that allow customers to gain insights from both human and machine generated data be it structured or unstructured. It provides advanced services not limited to Cognitive Services, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things. Intelligent Cloud while it is predominantly Azure Public Cloud, it does not leave your Data center fall behind, an equivalent Innovation in the form of Azure Stack, SQL 2016, Nano Server do happen on your data center. Together they bring highest values and return on investments for you.

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Azure Fabric Services:

At GAVS, we help you to embrace new paradigms in data center workload management like Containers, Microservices and extend towards immutable infrastructure and server less architectures. Customers can leverage Azure’s middleware platform to build and manage cloud-scale applications through our fully automated services using tool and framework based approaches backed up Microsoft recommended tools and techniques and you are assured of “Do more with less”.

Azure Data Services

We provide an array of services to meet all of data management and data insights needs on Azure, be it your Mission Critical OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) workloads, or Multi-tenant SaaS application workloads which require higher flexibility or Elastic data warehouse built with Massively Parallel processing architectures.

Azure Management Services

We support every administrative activity with set of Automation tools, such that the repetitive tasks are completed and require less or no human intervention, resulting in lowered operational expenses. With the combination of cost savings out of CAPEX reduction with the basic cloud model and the OPEX reduction with the automation, the cost of operations will be lower to the extent of 40% for enterprises.

Hybrid Datacenter services

We provide complete management of Nano Servers through our platform and Services. While the Azure hosts larger container orchestration platform, Windows 2016 can use Windows based containers to embrace Microservices and we support On Premise Container management through our platform and services.

While we provide extensive Data management solutions for Azure hosted SQL Databases, SQL 2016 will continue to be a flagship mission critical database for enterprises. Our hybrid database management services will ensure seamless management of on premise SQL 2016 databases along with other Azure counter parts.

More Personal Computing

World has gone beyond desktops. Desktops have evolved into Surface Tablets and convertible devices with touch interfaces. Similarly, on the consumer side Apple iPads and other smart phones have firmly positioned and offer a great customer experience.

This should not stop those users who continue to use desktops from experiencing the same. We combine our knowledge of .Net based development platform along with Azure Cognitive Intelligence Services coupled with new frameworks like BOT framework, to take your desktop journey to the next level of User Experience.

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Desktop Application Modernization Services

Microsoft BOT Framework provides new experience for users using its Conversational User Interface. Cortana offers new means for developing Voice Assisted applications, where the user can converse in natural language with the application.

The technology landscape is a dynamic one with multiplatform and multitenant applications working in collaboration. There are considerable number of enterprise users who use both Windows and other non-Windows devices for their business requirements. Xamarin is a cross platform development framework, which uses the same development tools like Visual Studio and .net framework to create cross platform applications.

The next generation application goes beyond physical traditional look and feel towards mixed reality applications, where the physical world is augmented with a virtual world. As vNext services, we are taking small steps in developing applications using Visual Studio, Unity and other tools which are quite aligned with rest of Microsoft development framework.

Business Process Productivity

GAVS combines its expertise on Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Eco System and Development Platform experience, in positioning Office 365 and associated tools for the enterprise. They cover the most important Communication and Collaboration, and also the much needed business process orchestration with custom app and work flow development on top of Office 365 platform.

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Communication & Collaboration Services

This set of services ensure that business users are fully connected by multiple channels like Mail, Instant Messages, Voice, Video and Online meetings and they use multiple devices to connect and collaborate.

Business Application Services

In this service tower, we enable business users with quick start templates to solve business problems, and share their solutions across the enterprise.