Next generation technologies are transforming the way business is done, compelling organizations to adopt and optimize their IT infrastructure to stay competitive and meet customer demands. Understanding issues in real time is critical to managing IT operations e­ffectively, before they cause significant disruptions and impact the business adversely. Businesses are, therefore, realizing the importance of proactive IT operations management in ensuring superior customer services. IT Operation Analytics (ITOA) helps IT companies achieve competitive advantage. It helps in making decisions related to IT infrastructure with the business impact inline. ITOA’s major focus has always been to prevent issues or problems that a­ffect the business revenue. The overall challenge and considerations is to analyze and reduce business impact. One promising method that can help achieve the desired objective is Predictive Analytics. It helps organizations improve IT operational efficiency. With predictive analytics, enterprises can not only identify potential growth opportunities but also mitigate risks in operations. It significantly reduces operational cost while improving system e­ffectiveness.

Our analytics offerings include:

  • ITOA driven Datacenter management
  • Predictive security analytics and intrusion detection