Optimize SQA Processes. Align Business Imperatives. Achieve Quality Excellence

IT organizations, as they move towards deploying superior software products with speed and cost efficiency, must also adopt a focused approach and a comprehensive methodology for end-to-end testing. The software also needs to align with business imperatives such as enhanced compliance, control and quality assurance. These essential requirements result in the need to develop efficient software through application testing platforms that help clients achieve business goals and improve customer satisfaction.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) procedures when incorporated and implemented right from the beginning - from project planning through execution - can help achieve this objective. It enables project teams to anticipate and consider development issues from the start, reducing architectural mistakes and mitigating the need for corrective interventions further down the line.

What We Offer

GAVS competencies and expertise in the field of SQA services enable comprehensive and efficient testing services for clients across the software development lifecycle. Since we provide complete testing coverage for clients with more than 200 testing experts, we understand critical SQA business requirements across industries.

Testing Strategy

Our SQA teams practice testing procedures aligned with strategic SDLC processes to identify early defects and achieve optimal test coverage. We are keen on observing the shift that is happening – from user interface to end-to-end testing with distributed, multi-tier architecture in a service-oriented architecture and unique approaches to testing. Our end-to-end testing suite comprises functional, performance, smoke and regression, test automation, acceptance and security testing modules. These modules offer testing as a service, focusing on critical points in the business. By extending the testing capacity of the system architecture, we help you create Testing Centers of Excellence (CoE). They are particularly effective in IT enterprises handling cloud and mobile testing to enable them boost business assurance, reduce quality costs, improve productivity gains, and achieve faster time-to-market.

GAVS Testing Approach

In addition, GAVS end-to-end SQA framework for testing and governance performs automated and manual testing for functional and non-functional platforms, across several modules. They include system and integration testing, user acceptance, and release testing, regression and test automation, as well as performance testing. In addition, we make the best use of re-usable assets such as planning strategies and performance approaches to enhance governance and productivity.

Our Unique Offerings



  • Risk-based approach to testing across the lifecycle
  • Metrics-based measurement of delivery with 30% reduction in total cost of testing leveraging TCOE (Testing Center of Excellence)
  • Productivity benefits through re-use of assets and test automation
  • Consistent and predictable quality of the end products
  • Faster time to market through compressed test cycles