SDG Truops

Setting you on the path of Smart GRC

It is an increasing struggle to manage business operations as the pace and gravity of consequences arising from security-compliance-accountability pressures mounts. Enterprises have to anticipate risks or see failure. SDG Truops, rather than addressing these threats in a disparate way, provides a simple-by-design scalable framework, approaching it as a strategic decision through its industry embedded solutions.



With our solution you can:

  • Give business leaders what they need to be smarter risk managers – enabled by powerful risk dashboards and reporting
  • Speak the same language, using common nomenclature and standard risk metrics through the risk score calculator
  • Minimize your exposure and automate in weeks not months – Goal to “go live” within 120 days
  • Make life easier for the process/application owner by personalized submissions + one system of record + mapped productivity controls
  • Automate the entire risk management process, from scoring to mitigation and reporting


And More...

  • Rich Graphical Interface
  • Collaboration Services
  • The SDG Truops framework separates the Data Access layer from the database making it flexible to adapt to your database standard
  • Support on next Generation computing Devices such as Smartphones &Tablet PCs
  • Self-Configurable UI Components
  • Enhanced visibility into business processes through monitoring critical operations in real time
  • Data driven business decision-making
  • Serves as a guide to processes and practices that drive profitability and compliance
  • Drive intra-day business and operational decisions and actions
  • Relate real time operational data to enterprise data
  • Supports and Business Data source
  • Reduces Time To Market for solution deployment

** SDG Truops is a product from GAVS’ partner - SDGC

Success Stories:

Fortune 25 Financial Company combats risk by implementing SDG Truops

  • Overall process time reduced from 2 months to 2 weeks
  • Accurate and consistent data across the businesses
  • Quicker and confident responses to the information demands of the regulatory authorities
  • The all-important hard copy, management report is created instantly
  • Reporting filter flexibility and drill downs provide the process team and business owners additional insights into the data.
  • The process log tracks all the activities and is continuously used to make improvements to the process SOA roadmap

Leading Asset management firm improve risk management associated with user access

  • Standardized approval workflows while utilizing dynamic approver identification rules
  • Automated user on-boarding by integrating with HR and creating user identities
  • Audit readiness
  • Robust workflows for appropriate access authorization
  • Central repository of user access, associated to individuals
  • Streamlined access requests & fulfillment and manage terminations
  • Custom solution to support complex approval configuration and workflows