GCare – Hear the unsaid; Feel the unfelt

A collection of technologies that capture and analyze every transaction of every user of web application

  • Provides complete path of a transaction that makes it easy for Administrators to identify the problem and the resolution quickly
  • Helps playback of an incident for easy correlation and troubleshooting
  • It can even report the problems that would not normally be reported by end users

Value proposition:

User Experience

  • Measures user experience at the user terminal for every transaction
  • Alerts helpdesk incase of slower or no response

Know the pulse

  • Provides the pulse of end user
  • Works based on the business model & key flows configured Identifies the user problem

Value adds:

Improve System Uptime

  • With the help of the capacity planning & infrastructure performance monitoring algorithms, GCare has the capability to predict future performance issues/outages based on the current events
  • Reduces the unplanned downtime to ‘near zero’

Removes false positives

  • With its event identification algorithm, the system has the capability to see which events are potential issues and which are not
  • Reduces the manual effort that are required to check these alerts and improves efficiency
  • Reduces alerts by 10% - 15% YoY

Vcare and Lcare

  • VCare provides virtual care for end user
  • LCare provides Live care for end user
  • Improves the user connect & retention